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Michigan has been a medical marijuana state since 2008 and added a regulatory structure similar to the one it uses for alcohol in 2016. The Michigan legislature passed a new law in 2018 that created exciting opportunities for “adult use” or “recreational” cannabis licensing A new industry has come to town and we are prepared to provide a full spectrum of legal services related to regulated cannabis.

Cannabis Business Services

Attorney Seth L. Goldner has the necessary experience to assist clients who seek licenses for Cultivation, Infused Products, Transportation, Lab Testing, MicroBusinesses, Event Licensing and Social Gathering Places. Additionally, Attorney Goldner provides representation to obtain Municipal and Local Zoning Approval.

Attorney Goldner has also successfully appealed a pre-qualification denial for production and distribution from the MRA, saving his clients the cost of a new application and the loss of tens of thousands of dollars while paving their way to earn future millions!

We are proudly able to provide an array of services either directly or through our network of preferred vendors, including:

  • Partnership/Operating Agreements
  • Corporation/Company Formation
  • Architectural Plans including a preliminary to-scale Floorplan
  • Site plans
  • Land Surveys
  • Finalized Floorplans (required by both State and Municipal law)
  • Licensing Application Assistance
  • Municipal Approval Assistance
  • Appeals for Licensure Denial
  • Capital and Equity Procurement
  • Cannabis Green Zoned Real Estate Purchasing and Leasing

License Appeals

Seth L. Goldner is one of the very few attorneys in Michigan who has successfully challenged a pre-qualification status denial by the State of Michigan’s Marijuana Regulatory Agency (MRA).

If your application has been denied you are allowed by law to appeal and you need an experienced attorney to protect your investment. There’s nothing worse that sinking your time, money and reputation into a business venture and losing it all. Protect your investment and seek a consultation with an experienced attorney today.

Cannabis Business Application Preparation

We prepare Applications for all of the Recreational and Medicinal Applications in the State of Michigan:

  • Grower
  • Processor
  • Transporter
  • Retailer
  • Marihuana Safety Compliance Facility
  • Marihuana Microbusiness (cultivation of not more than 150 marihuana plants; process and package marihuana; and sell or otherwise transfer marihuana to individuals who are 21 years of age or older or to a marihuana safety compliance facility, but not to other marihuana establishments);
  • Class A Marihuana grower authorizing cultivation of not more than 100 marihuana plants;
  • Class B Marihuana grower authorizing cultivation of not more than 500 marihuana plants; and
  • Class C Marihuana grower authorizing cultivation of not more than 2,000 marihuana plants.

We can assist you in both the Part One Prequalification Section of the Application as well as the Part Two Requirements for deliverables such as the Operations Manual, Inventory and Recordkeeping, Training and Staffing Plan, Quality Control Plans, Preliminary Floorplans, Financials, Business Plans, Security Plans, Patient Education Manuals, Marketing and Customer Acquisition Manuals, and of course the Licensing Application Process Itself.

We also offer Social Equity, Diversity, and Community Impact Plans as well as Cannabis Research Plans and Market Research if needed.

We will prepare and submit cannabis business your application, and act as your liaison to the State Licensing Board.

Zoning & Municipal Approval

Before you can apply for State Licenses you must first obtain a local permit. Only communities that have “opted-in” can issue local licenses or permits and you may be wise to locate your business somewhere that has not previously opted in. We can provide all of the necessary representation you will need to seek an Opt-In from local governance so that you can be “first on the block” to obtain local approval of your Cannabis Business.

Capital & Equity

If your cannabis business requires financing our firm can introduce you to a network of interested lenders and equity sources to help meet any need and achieve any goal. We can assist with negotiating terms and consult on any aspect of these transactions.

Real Estate Purchasing & Leasing

Once you have located your community and it has opted in, you will either need to own or have under contract properly zoned real estate in order to qualify for any of the State of Michigan marihuana licenses. Attorney Seth L. Goldner is a licensed real estate broker and has nearly 30 years of transactional real estate experience to ensure that you are covered for all phases of real estate acquisition.

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